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Why do the media and such like hound Michael down.

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It makes me sick when the media, Martin Brundle, Bernie Ecclestone, Eddie Jordon, Sir Sterling Moss, Damon Hill etc keep on critizing Michael and harping on his past, do not understand why they do this, you never ever hear Michael critizing anybody, After all nobody is perfect and they moan and groan after all they haven't got 7 World Titles. They should look at themselves, they are not perfect, i am glad to see Michael's return has formula 1 was becoming dull and boring at least Michael puts magic and sparkle to the sport, if he never gets his 8th World title i will still support him ever since he started in formula 1 in 1991 he has always gave me a great thrill at the weekends,if he has to retire once more i do not blame him has must of the persons mentioned as well as the other f1 drivers, its getting a bit bitchy lately.

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Spain 1999
Press Reporter: Mika, the perfect flags to lights victory. It looked very easy, was it?
Mika Häkkinen: Oh yeah, it was so easy, you can't believe it.
[long pause, silence]
Mika Häkkinen: No, it wasn't.
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